Q: What is the scheme about?

A: The scheme will help visitors to the British Grand Prix and other major Silverstone events choose campsites that meet set quality standards.

Q: Why don’t all of the campsites on the website have a rating?

A: Only campsites who apply to join the scheme will be rated.

Q: What do the ratings mean?


Silver Campsite Rating:

To achieve the ‘Silver’ rating campsites must demonstrate that they have complied with key health, safety and welfare requirements. This includes having adequate toilet provision, a fire risk assessment, emergency contingency plans and having a drinking water risk assessment. ‘Silver’ sites will be making satisfactory progress towards improving their on-site facilities and offer a safe place to stay, with security, for the duration of your event.
Any licensed activity (alcohol and/or entertainment) will be compliant with current licensing legislation.

Gold Campsite Rating:

Campsites that achieve the ‘Gold’ rating will have met all key health, safety and welfare requirements and will have demonstrated compliance with a number of our non-essential campsite standards. The campsite operators will have made available for inspection their risk assessments and emergency plans, and will have had their drinking water supply tested. They will exceed the recommended minimum sanitary facilities. You can expect the campsite to be clean, well organised, with good security, and with adequate and well maintained facilities.

Any licensed activity (alcohol and/or entertainment) will be compliant with current licensing legislation, plus there will have been no breaches of licensing legislation in the past 12 months.

Platinum Campsite Rating:

The ‘Platinum’ rating was introduced in 2015 and is reserved for those campsites that not only meet all our health, safety and welfare standards, but also go above and beyond the minimum requirements to ensure that their customers have the best possible campsite experience. Campsites achieving the platinum rating will have stewards, excellent security, and first aid provision, there will be procedures in place to ensure that all campsite facilities are kept clean and functioning throughout the event and the campsite operators will have implemented their fire, health and safety and drinking water plans to a demonstrably high standard.

Any licensed activity (alcohol and/or entertainment) will be compliant with current licensing legislation, plus there will have been no breaches of licensing legislation in the past 12 months, plus the operators have demonstrated exceptional levels of security and service regarding licensed provision.

Q: How do I register my campsite to join the scheme?

A: Please visit our documents page and download an application form. West Northamptonshire co-ordinate the group and therefore once completed please email it to West Northamptonshire Council at hep.snc@westnorthants.gov.uk. This applies to site in Buckinghamshire Council’s area.

Q: Can my campsite join the scheme even though it’s not located near Silverstone?

A: No. At the moment this scheme only covers the Silverstone area.

Q: Why are the awards all dated for the previous year?

A: The award that a campsite receives is based on inspection information gathered during the previous year. For example the inspections completed during 2019 will provide the information for the awards that will be on display in 2020.

Q: I would like to make a complaint about a campsite.

A: In the first instance you should speak directly to the campsite operators, they may be able to resolve the issues you have at the time of your visit. If you are still dissatisfied then you can report the problem to the appropriate authority listed on the ‘About us’ page.

 Q: I went to a Gold certified campsite but there wasn’t any entertainment.

A: The campsite awards do not reflect who has the newest facilities or the best entertainment. They are awarded where campsite operators demonstrate that they have done all that is required to protect the health, safety and welfare of their customers.

Q: Do you inspect the food vendors?

A: We ensure that all food vendors are registered with their home local authority. We also conduct check during the event. To find out more information about a particular food trader you can search for their Food Hygiene Safety Rating at https://ratings.food.gov.uk/

Q: How should I make our campsite safe from fire?

A: You need to carry out a fire risk assessment. Guidance on this is available from the Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service Website; ‘Fire Safety Risk Assessment, Open Air Events and Venues’ (HM Government), at www.bucksfire.gov.uk  search for ‘Open Air Events and venues’ and follow the link.

Q: What advice should I give to campers about fires?

A: You must provide campers with information on what to do in the event of fire, how to raise the alarm and where to go.

Campers must be able to identify their location to stewards and oncoming emergency teams readily, so that they can react quickly to the correct location.

Additional information should be provided for campers to help them to prevent fires from starting. This may be done by raising the awareness of risks and ensuring that guidance and advice provided clearly highlights how to prevent fires from happening in the first place. This information must be easily available and understood by all campers. Efforts should be made to ensure such advice will be easily understood by people whose first language may not be English; pictograms are useful for this.

You should consider the advice that is provided in the guidance book ‘Fire Safety Outdoors’, which is available from the Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service website at www.bucksfire.gov.uk – search for ‘fire safety outdoors’.

Q: If I need further advice regards the fire safety who should I contact?

A: Please contact Buckinghamshire Fire Servive by emailing  enquiries@northantsfire.org.uk

For information about individual campsites please visit our campsites page.

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